We’re Living in the End of the American Experiment

Holly Case
12 min readNov 20, 2023
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We set out to be the greatest nation on Earth. We would be a democracy, the best form of government. It would represent the will of the people, such a noble value. We were so convinced that we had the best form of government that we would use our military power to force people into adopting it in other nations.

As a nation, America was a grand experiment. I can now say that we appear to have massively failed.

We were taught as children that we were the best nation on Earth. Many still believe that and defend it with everything they’ve got. Most of us have never questioned the right to hold that belief and it’s still popular to say, “If you don’t like it here, just leave.” Because I guess you’re not allowed to ever think things could be better.

Yet, if individuals were to say they were the best in the world, what would we call them? Narcissists.

We are a nation founded on incredibly narcissistic values, so we shouldn’t be surprised to find so many of us with some narcissistic traits ourselves. We were indoctrinated into it.

More for me, and to hell with everyone else. They can get their own, and if they can’t, it’s not my problem.

Narcissism: It’s the American way.

We’re in an Abusive Relationship with our Government

Every four years, we begin another circuit in the circus of democracy. We’re given the “choice” of two parties, which are both more conservative than most governments in Europe. We think that they’re two polar opposites when in truth, they’re more similar than most people think. Two sides of the same coin.

Because despite the things that people on both sides think that their chosen allegiance stands for when they’re campaigning, in practice, they really look pretty similar. The economy usually does better under Democrats, despite the weird doublespeak that Republicans use about how Democrats are all about “tax and spend.” You simply can’t have a functioning society without paying taxes, no matter how many loopholes we create to let businesses get out of paying for them.

Taxes equal services, and the need to have them varies by your political philosophy. In general…



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