The Democrats Have to Ditch Biden — or They’ve Already Lost

Holly Case
8 min readNov 7, 2023

If they don’t ditch Biden, the Democrats have already lost the 2024 elections.

That means that we get another four years of Trump, or whatever equally far-right authoritarian candidate the Republican party puts forth, because it’s a certainty that they would win.

I’ll just tell you the facts about Biden that cause me to worry. Believe it or not, none of them have to do with his age or physical or mental condition.

He’s the epitome of “too little, too late”

Most people I know think that Biden hasn’t done nearly enough to make good on his promises.

Take student loan debt, for example. Though we all hoped he might do something significant about the problem for borrowers like me, who owe more money on our federal loans decades after graduation than we borrowed in the first place, we just wanted some relief. I personally hoped he would also enact some reforms to the industry, such as zero-percent interest rates on loans even temporarily, in which case we could finally make a dent. (In my case, I’ve almost reached the end of my income-based repayment term, when I’ll just have to pay taxes on the amount they forgive because they’ll count that as income received. Funny how that doesn’t feel like I’ll be receiving any income. More accurately, they bet on me and lost, so I’ll have to repay them for the alleged favor. But if I can’t even earn enough to repay my loans, how will I be able to pay off those taxes?)

While we didn’t expect him to completely forgive our loans, we at least thought he would do something significant. When he initially said that we’d get at least $10,000 of our loans forgiven, we were disappointed that it was so little, but at least it would be better than nothing. Kind of like the approach we’ve come to expect of him in general.

Even that hasn’t come through yet. There’s no telling when or if it ever will.

Having the government be the major provider of student loans basically means that the government gets to profit off of the fact that we now have a more educated workforce. It’s not even the investment of time and money into ourselves to become more qualified; in America, that apparently is only important enough for the government to get involved if they can also bring in billions of dollars in profits from us each year.



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