I completely agree. I may have an exceptionally good landlord but my landlord has not raised my rent in 5 years and has done all repairs within a week of needing them (usually less)--including replacing our entire air conditioning unit.

I've owned two homes before and the last time was a horrible gamble. We paid $90,000 over 9 years and still sold it for 30% less than we paid. (We paid $125K for the house in a small town in Michigan.) We actually lost a considerable amount of money compared to renting. And like you, we hated having to spend all our free time on fixing up our house.

I invest my money in the stock market and ETFs now instead of spending that money on housing.

Holly Case is a writer and aspiring therapist living in Texas. I’m obsessed with making the world a kinder place. https://ko-fi.com/hollycase76264

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