I completely agree. I may have an exceptionally good landlord but my landlord has not raised my rent in 5 years and has done all repairs within a week of needing them (usually less)--including replacing our entire air conditioning unit.

I've owned two homes before and the last time was a horrible gamble. We paid $90,000 over 9 years and still sold it for 30% less than we paid. (We paid $125K for the house in a small town in Michigan.) We actually lost a considerable amount of money compared to renting. And like you, we hated having to spend all our free time on fixing up our house.

I invest my money in the stock market and ETFs now instead of spending that money on housing.

I always wanted to be a Mac user but I couldn’t really afford it for a number of years. I loved the sleek design, the intuitive interface, and the company’s commitment to LGBT and neurodiverse employees.

Apple: think different. Wasn’t that one of their slogans long ago? I bought into…

YES! I agree with all of what you said, including the depression part. But to be honest, why wouldn't someone who's truly awake to what's going on in the world feel some depression? The fact that they fight against it in hopes of making a better future for themselves in spite of being depressed is so admirable.

And yes, they are so literate and well-informed. They know more about politics and history (at least the ones I know) than I could have ever taught them myself and that they certainly didn't learn in school. Their passion inspires me when I feel like giving up.

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When I got pregnant with my first child, I didn’t know what I was doing, just like most people. I just assumed I would raise my kid the same way I had been raised. Fortunately, I found an online group of parents when my oldest was younger than two. …

Holly Case

Holly Case is a writer and aspiring therapist living in Texas. I’m obsessed with making the world a kinder place. https://ko-fi.com/hollycase76264

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